We study the cis-regulatory mechanisms that drive differential patterning in embryos and other tissues. We are interested in questions such as how do transcription factors act in combination at cis-regulatory modules to support patterns of expression? Or how do cis-regulatory modules located on non-contiguous stretches of DNA coordinate their temporal action? Also, we are interested in how patterning of distinct cell types in the embryo controls cells' behaviors. Developmental biologists use many different approaches to understand how cells acquire their identities and how this influences their roles within the animal. We use the Drosophila model system to provide insights into cell patterning and cell migration, because it is a great system with a long-standing history that allows us to use a variety of approaches to provide rigorous answers to our questions: genetics, biochemistry, live in vivo imaging, and quantitative analysis.

Our recent findings support our ongoing studies in the following areas:

1. Scaling of embryos and gene expression dynamics ...read more.
2. Coordinate action of cis-regulatory modules ...read more.
3. Fibroblast growth factor signaling ...read more.
4. Collective cell migration ...read more.

In the news

Regulating the Rapidly Developing Fruit Fly
Caltech Press Release (Dec. 18, 2018) by Lori Dajose

Paper by Sun and Stathopoulos is on the cover of Development:

Image by Theodora Koromila is on the cover of Development:

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"Wheel of Fate"
Reeves et al. study is featured as a Biomedical Picture of the Day.

"Development: Robust but responsive protein gradients"
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"FGF signalling: keeping migrating cells on track"
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"Snail enhancers step out of the shade"
The paper by Dunipace, Ozdemir, and Stathopoulos is highlighted by Development journal.

Caltech Researchers Revise Long-Held Theory of Fruit-Fly Development
Caltech Press Release (Dec. 17, 2009) by Lori Oliwenstein

First Prize in Celldance 2009 - The ASCB's Fifth Annual Cell Biology Video Contest
Professor Stathopoulos accepts the first place prize for the film "2PEF Imaging Captures Gastulation in Fly Embryos."
Work by Amy McMahon, Willy Supatto, Scott E. Fraser, and Angelike Stathopoulos, Science (2008).

Development: Remembering Hedgehog
Nature Reviews Genetics 10, 740-741 (Nov. 2009) by Tanita Casci. The recent paper by Nahmad and Stathopoulos is highlighted in a short review paper.

Cells in developing tissue consider their signaling exposure history to determine location
Caltech Press Release (Sep. 29, 2009) by Kathy Svitil

Amy McMahon wins 2009 Drosophila Image Award
GSA (2009)

Embryonic Development: First Look At How Groups Of Cells Coordinate Their Movements
ScienceDaily (Dec. 23, 2008)

Complex dance of embryo cells filmed in new detail
New Scientist (Dec. 4, 2008) by Colin Barras

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